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What to Expect

Through private one-on-one sessions, I can help you tune-in to the small nuances and patterns that exist within your mind body and spirit. When you become aware of your patterns, you become aware of your blockages, and once you gain this awareness, you  will begin to do the work to free yourself.


We will use the physical, symbolic postures of the body (asanas) to serve as the vehicle for the breath.

Through conscious breathing practices (pranayama) we will learn to ride the breath—creating expansiveness and space within our being.

And through the practice of meditation we will train and become kin with our minds

In our sessions together, I will listen, and I will get to know you and your body. With that knowledge, I will integrate a variety of teaching styles and techniques (classical yoga, hatha yoga, kundalini yoga, kemetic yoga, cognitive behavior therapy, sound therapy, poetry, etc.) into our practice to create an experience that is unique and beneficial to you.

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