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Creating a Sacred Space

It is important to practice in a space that feels relaxing to you. If practicing from home, put some energy into creating a sacred space.

  • Sanitize your space. Use cleaning products that are safe for your body.

  • Clear out clutter

  • Make sure your space is well ventilated

  • Candles are always relaxing. If you have allergies try soy candles, scentless candles, or candles with a subtle fragrance.

  • Place affirmations or other items that motivate you within this space.

  • A nice plant always softens things up.

  • Try to let your family know ahead of time that you are about to practice.

The most important thing is for you to feel comfortable in the space that you practice!

Location, Location, Location

Possible locations for clients who wish to practice in public spaces:


               Tattnall Square Park

               Lake Tobosofskee Parks

               Amerson Park

               Coleman Hill

               Rosa Park Square

               Washington Park

               Central City Park

               Ocmulgee Indian Mounds


Warner Robins/Perry

     Wellston Park

      Fountain Park

      Big Indian Creek Waterway Trail

      Flat Creek Public Fishing Area

I'm also open to any suggestions you may have.

Image by Victor Malyushev


  • I can provide bottled water, a sanitized mat, and yoga blocks.

  • What if I don’t want to meet at my home?

    • I offer online sessions through Zoom.

    • There are a number of public places we can conduct practice. Please refer to the list above.

  • I will let you know ahead of time which props you will need for our session. (mat=towel, strap=scarf, blocks=books, bolster=blankets and pillows)

  • Bring your own towel.

  • Wear comfortable clothing that stretches. (You may be in inverted positions, so shirts may come up.)

  • How far will you travel?

    • I live in Bonaire, GA and my goal is to serve middle Georgians who live within a 30 mile radius of my home. If you desire an in-person session and you live outside of my radius of service, let’s talk to see if we can develop a plan.

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